IRC and Skype Chat Rules
WARNING: If you break the rules and didn't read them, you'll get no sympathy from me!

1. Don’t be rude or disrespectful to other chat members!
2. If someone asks you to stop talking about a particular topic or making particular jokes, stop.
3. If someone in the chat is making you uncomfortable and the issue cannot be resolved person to person, please feel free to contact any of the staff listed below. We’ll do our very best to resolve the conflict.
4. Repeating offenders will not be tolerated. Staff do have the ability and the right to exercise the banning of chat members if they see fit.
5. All hail Shofra, Empress of the Spinning Stream.

Staff Members
For your own reference, the following people you may see in chat are staff. Ask us for help or info if you need either! As always, our extended contact info is available on the Contact Page

Nova Alamak - Founder, host of The Windmill Hut
Siofra (Shofra) - Community Advisor/Hey, Listen! Host
JetForceGemini360 (Jet) - Stream Manager
Navi Fae - Hey, Listen! Panelist
Megaman36 (Moogs) - Hey, Listen! Panelist & Editor
Prince Squidgee (Oz) - Hey, Listen! Panelist
ShurikenAngel (Shuri/Dash) - Tech Support
Altura (Christian Hall/Christie-Ann) - Skype Moderator

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