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Host: Nova Alamak
Theme: Any and All Nintendo Games
Airing: Wednesdays @ 7:00 PM PST
EMAIL: nova.alamak©
SKYPE: nova.alamak
DJ BIO: Go around, go around! Join Nova Alamak weekly for a 2-hour block of Nintendo music, news, trivia and more! He delivers the greatest and most memorable tunes right from The Windmill Hut! Regular segments include the Bombchu Bulletin, Keaton Kwiz, and the Scarecrow's Song. Episodes are archived and anyone can request music live! Podcasted episodes available here:


The news segment of The Windmill Hut where we talk Nintendo news of the past week. Join in the discussion on Skype or in the IRC! Additionally, any general site news is covered here.

The trivia segment! Three questions, three prizes: Power, Wisdom, and Courage! Triforce Trivia rules: 1 guess per question 1 prize per week, no repeat winners two weeks in a row. All questions are based on the game of the week, which changes every show!

t A name-that-tune segment where the quickest correct answer wins the best prize of all: Bonooru's Booty! What is that? Win it and find out!


Listeners can send in their own arrangements and renditions of Zelda or Nintendo songs to be aired in either the Zelda portion of the show or the Phantom Hour! I'll play 'em live and give you credit! Send them to nova.alamak©!