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  • 12/28/16 Show Rescheduled

    Tomorrow night's show is rescheduled to Thursday. See you on 12/29/16!

  • October Album Update

    Posted 10/11/2016 by NovaAlamak

    I said I'd do it and I DID IT! You now have new albums here on the stream. There's a few significant standouts from 2015-2016 that haven't made it in yet, but I'll get those next time.

    Pokerus - The Sun Sagas
    Kirby Super Star Ultra OST
    Kirby Planet Robobot Gamerip
    Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary Concert
    Fire Emblem Characters Premium
    Star Fox Zero OST
    Super Soul Bros. - Live at Poor House
    Super Soul Bros. - Fireball
    Tetris Attack/Panel de Pon Gamerip
    Plok! Gamerip
    Pokken Tournament Gamerip
    Mario Party 9 Gamerip
    Pictionary Gamerip
    Treasure Master Gamerip
    Solstice Gamerip
    Silver Surfer Gamerip
    NES Remix Collection Gamerip
    Blast Corps Gamerip
    Mischief Makers Gamerip
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past & Four Swords
    Snowboard Kids 2 Gamerip
    Shin Megami Tensei Gamerip
    Pokemon Shuffle Gamerip
    Yo-Kai Watch Gamerip
    Hyrule Warriors Legends Gamerip
    The Great Ace Attorney OST
    Super Princess Peach Gamerip
    insaneintherain Year 2
    insaneintherain Year 3
    insaneintherain Year 4

    Thank you to everyone who made suggestions via the Submissions page. If your suggestion isn't in this update, I'll try to get it into the next one! I do keep track, so don't worry.

  • Fall Update, Reschedule, Excuses

    9/27/2016 - Nova Alamak

    Lately, listeners may notice we've had a lot of downtime. This is because the router at our offsite server is experiencing provider-side outages, and to compound these issues, our contact who is usually in the area to interact with the server in person is in Japan for a few more months. So it could be a while before we get any album updates or definitive repairs done. I have been trying just about every other weekend to wrestle control of the thing back to our software, but even remote accessing the machine is made difficult by its poor Internet connection. So until I find a way around that, "24/7 Nintendo Music" is going to have an asterisk next to it.

    With regard to The Windmill Hut, next week's show will be cancelled. I know! It's not like me! But I'll be out of the area for an entire week, so by the time I get back, it will be time for the next show already, so there's no point in rescheduling. I'm taking one for the team, I guess. Or maybe it's just my inflated idea of the "no-miss record" that spans how ever many years I've been doing this (8 or 9? Whatever!).

    Anyway, thanks for your continued patience. Send suggestions for new music to the Submissions page as always if you want to make that sort-of-impending-but-only-when-possible Album Update even more awesome, and send listener mail for The Windmill Hut to nova[dot]alamak[at]gmail[dot]com if you like our live shows to end with something interesting!